Wedding Video Trends for 2023

A wedding is one of the most important days in a couple’s life. Capturing those special moments on video is essential to remember that magical day for years to come. With technology constantly evolving, wedding video trends are also quickly changing. Here are some of the top trends we’ll see in wedding videos in 2023.

Short Social Media Videos

Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are driving demand for short, concise wedding videos. Couples want 1-minute or shorter wedding videos to share highlights on their social feeds. The short, fast-paced videos better capture attention online. Videographers are creating short clips of the ceremony, the couple’s first dance, toasts, and other important parts of the wedding for sharing.


Drones equipped with lightweight cameras provide spectacular aerial shots not possible otherwise. They can fly over the venue and capture sweeping panoramic views of the locale and guests. They also get excellent footage of the couple during the photo shoot. The smooth, stable video drones produce adds a cinematic dimension to the wedding video.

Modern Video Editing

Couples expect videos with professional edits that artistically tell their love story. Smooth transition effects, color correction, and cutting-edge editing techniques make the wedding video look like a short film. Videographers use drones and multiple cameras to get more angles and create dynamic edits.

Focus on Prep

Videos no longer just start when the ceremony begins, but capture the moments leading up to it. Scenes of the couple getting ready, the bride putting on her dress, and final touches build anticipation and excitement. Details like the rings, bouquet, and shoes also deserve close-ups.

Original Content

Couples want unique content that represents their relationship, not a generic video that could be any wedding. Videographers capture spontaneous moments and speak with guests about their experiences. They incorporate photos and videos of the couple throughout their relationship into the video. All this makes for a personal, meaningful video.

Guest Well-Wishes

A popular trend is compiling short well-wishes and congratulatory messages recorded by guests. Family and friends give marriage advice or tell stories about the couple in these fun highlight reels. Combining it with photos of the guests makes a nice keepsake.

Sound Quality

Audio is just as important as video. Wireless microphones produce crisp, clear audio of the vows and readings. Music during the dance and reception must be heard clearly. Interviews with guests also need to be recorded properly.

Flexible Delivery Options

Couples expect flexibility in viewing finished wedding videos. Videographers offer delivering raw footage immediately and the edited video afterwards. Some provide online access to videos for digital sharing before receiving final files.

Trends point to wedding videos that are shorter, more customized, and optimized for online sharing. With advances in gear and software, videos integrate cutting-edge effects with a cinematic touch. Most importantly, working with a modern videographer who understands the couple’s vision will result in videos they’ll treasure for life.